Asher Roth “Lark On My Go-Kart” Live

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Shouts to Boyder (second from the left in the picture below) for this great clip of Asher rocking a massive crowd in Milwaukee.

I’ll never forget when Asher’s manager who discovered him- my good friend Scooter Braun (pictured here on the left) told me about him a few years ago. I checked out what is now considered his classic mixtape the Greenhouse Effect and I was sold. Since then I’ve put so many people on to Asher that I’ve felt like his publicist so it’s especially great to see where he’s at now.

Conversations with Jay-Z

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Part 1

Part 2

Definitely some food for thought

Kid Cudi- Live on Letterman

September 12, 2009  |  Live Performances  |  1 Comment

Pursuit of Happiness Letterman Live
by yardie4lifever2

Performing Pursuit of Happiness alongside Ratatat. Cudi deserves all the shine he’s getting right now.

Mayer Hawthorne- Live at the Roxy

September 11, 2009  |  Live Performances, Soul/R&B  |  2 Comments
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Last night was a big win for real music. Mayer Hawthorne sold out the Roxy and put on a great show.

Will Smith Breaks It Down!

September 10, 2009  |  Inspiration, Sharp Thoughts  |  11 Comments
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One of my favorite people in the biz shares incredible insight and inspiration in this

Will doesn’t just turn it on for the camera either. Every time I’ve interviewed him or bumped into him over the years he’s been consistent in exemplifying what he talks about in this clip. He talks a good talk and actually walks the walk!

Fashawn “The Antidote”

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This project- compiled and produced by The Alchemist- is packed with some of my favorite samples and Fashawn raps over them with a thoroughly dope flow. Download HERE

Jay-Z- Live in concert + Letterman

September 10, 2009  |  Hip Hop, Interviews, Live Performances  |  Leave A Comment
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Last night Activision and Myspace put together a last minute Jay-Z concert at the Blender theater in NYC to celebrate Blueprint 3 and the upcoming DJ Hero videogame. Here’s some highlights.

Jay also made an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. Hilarious how he calls Dave out on a bad segway!

KiD CuDi “Day ‘N’ Nite (Crookers Rmx)” [Original Video]

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Apparently this only had a budget of $250 dollars. Turned out fresh anyway!

Spotted at

J. Period & K’naan “The Messengers”

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Inspired by Bob Marley!

Download here

Fashawn “Fash Plays It Cool”

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Kid can rap, he’s just a chorus away…

This is the first leak off his upcoming project with Alchemist entitled The Antidote.

Download/Stream here