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Will & Jada Interview Barack Obama

December 12, 2009  |  Inspiration, Interviews, Sharp Thoughts  |  5 Comments

Part 1-

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Part 2-

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“This is the first time I’ve been nervous in front of a camera in a long time.” Will Smith

“Just think back to the Prince Of Bel-Air..” Barack Obama

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MTVU Freshman Nomination for Mateo

December 7, 2009  |  Inspiration, Live Performances, Soul/R&B  |  7 Comments

I’m writing this HUMBLED by the work it’s taken to get to this point and EXCITED to be where we are now.

Last Wednesday night in NYC at the world famous SOB’s- Mateo gave a performance that impressed EVERYONE from the MTV execs to the cast members of TWILIGHT who were there.

Mateo even did a cover of USE SOMEBODY by the Kings Of Leon that managed to do justice to the AMAZING original version (see for yourself HERE). It served as a great preview of the next chapter to his Underneath The Sky mixtape series which will feature remixes AND acoustic covers like that.

Last week- Mateo was also in the studio working on his new single with 2 time GRAMMY AWARD WINNING producer Kerry -Krucial- Brothers (of Alicia Keys fame).

THIS WEEK- Mateo is one of the Freshman 5 nominated at and being considered for this week’s BEST FRESHMAN video for Get To Know Me which you can check out HERE.

Obviously I say all this because I’d LOVE to count on your support to help Mateo win and therefore get a win for REAL MUSIC! If you could go HERE and vote as many times as possible throughout the week and get everyone you know to do the same- it would be very much appreciated!

Why Kenna, Jessica Biel & Lupe Fiasco Are Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro

December 3, 2009  |  Inspiration, Sharp Thoughts  |  Leave A Comment
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Definitely worth checking out! Click HERE for more

Travis McCoy (Gym Class Heroes) “One At A Time”

December 1, 2009  |  Hip Hop, Inspiration  |  Leave A Comment

This is Travis’ new single- released for World Aids Day- and the proceeds from it are going to MTV’s Staying Alive campaign. The track was inspired by the Gym Class Heroes frontman’s trip around the world to visit MTV’s HIV/Aids projects. Earlier this year Travis and an MTV crew traveled to South Africa, India and The Philippines to find out about the work done around the world to prevent the spread of the disease.

The Music of Entourage- Season 6

November 23, 2009  |  Inspiration  |  2 Comments

Over the weekend Scott Vener (music supervisor for Entourage) made the music he’s featured on the show available for free download on his site. If you watch the show then you know the music is one of the best things about it. I’m surprised they haven’t gone the route of doing a soundtrack but thanks to Scott we still get to enjoy it this way.

Music Featured During the Ending Credits- Download HERE

Music Featured During the Show- Download HERE

Robin Thicke “Sex Therapy”

November 18, 2009  |  Inspiration, Soul/R&B  |  3 Comments
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I’d like to personally thank Robin for providing the soundtrack to my sex life. If he keeps making records like this he’s going to put viagra out of business!

The Wire’s 100 Greatest Quotes

November 17, 2009  |  Inspiration  |  1 Comment
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Whoever put this together apparently has more dedication to the Wire then most husbands have for their wives! Its an incredible montage of memorable moments from one of the most underrated shows ever.

Bird Cloud

November 15, 2009  |  Inspiration  |  Leave A Comment
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Crazy sight. A whole lot of birds [the video says 300,000 but how would they know...] create a black cloud on the side of a highway in Denmark. If only us human beings could work in unison like that more…

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Ottawa Never Looked So Good

November 8, 2009  |  Inspiration  |  Leave A Comment

The folks from Niwota Studios had some fun with their intervalometer (aka fancy camera stuff) last summer and made this amazing ode to our hometown of Ottawa, Canada.

U2 & Jay-Z Live

U2′s Sunday Bloody Sunday was already an incredible song but when Jay-Z came out for this performance of it at the EMA’s yesterday- new life was breathed into it and Jay chose to use the moment to rhyme about something significant. Clap for him.